Saturday, 3 August 2013

No Shit! An occasional series: No.4 - Smith and Mills

So far we have plundered the depths of depravity within the city, but it's time to go a bit more upmarket in the form of Smith and Mills' offering. A converted elevator shaft, this steampunk-tinged bog offers a delightful decor.

The crown jewel is the flip-down sink, despite the fact the taps are a bit clumsy.

The sliding door is next to the bar so hopefully the chatter outside is loud enough so that your stream isn't heard too much by the other patrons!

As for the bar itself, it's a tiny little restaurant in Tribeca located at 71 North Moore street, and speaking of streams, nerdy readers may well recognise the street name, which is also home to Hook & Ladder 8, the fire station used in the Ghostbusters movies.

Some idiot is ruining the picture...

In all honesty I went to the restaurant because I wanted to check out the toilet (this probably says a lot about me)... but they do make a nice Old Fashioned although it will set you back $14 (I enjoyed the drink then left). The food smelled good but the portions looked a bit on the small side from what I could see, it's not really the kind of place I would come to usually, I don't belong with the suits and yuppies. You'll get better bang for your buck elsewhere but for a quirky detour it's worth checking out.

Score on the floor...
Venue: 5
Character: 9
Functionality: 7
Hygiene: 7

Total: 28

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