Wednesday, 13 March 2013

No Shit! An occasional series: No.2 - Cameo Gallery

After kicking off the series with the monstrous DBA toilet, our attention now turns to yet another Williamsburg establishment, the Cameo Gallery (this toilet is actually in between the music venue and connecting cafe, The Lovin' Cup). The venue itself is more professionally ran than the raft of DIY venues in the area, featuring an actual bar, a good sound system and a room that's probably a bit too clean and hip for my liking if I'm being picky.

Before heading in to see the live US debut of Belfast Band, Girls Names (who were excellent, by the way), I needed the facilities. I'd been to the venue before to see La Sera (who are also brilliant), but did not have a call of nature.

As you can see from the pictures, there is something incredibly sinister about this place. Forget about saying Candyman in the mirror three times, I was half expecting Dexter to appear behind me as I took a slash.

Whilst the serial killer lighting makes it memorable, the rest of the room is fairly bland, minimal graffiti, functional toilet AND taps (DBA take note...).

Cameo Gallery - A spooky but ultimately tame toilet experience.

Score on the floor...
Venue: 6.5
Character: 5
Functionality: 6
Hygiene: 6

No Shit Score: 23.5

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