Saturday, 9 March 2013

No shit! An occasional series: No.1 - Death By Audio

The state of most toilets in New York is shocking, for newcomers I imagine this is considerably disconcerting. However, there comes a time where you must embrace filth and ultimately these things become endearing. Afterall, you're sharing this city with over 8 million people as it is, anyone who remotely leans towards being a germophone would be particularly crippled. If you suffer from lutropublicaphobia, please never come here, for your own sake.

Now, onto our first offering, which is at Williamsburg music venue, Death By Audio

I like DBA, it's my kind of venue and I've seen some good acts there, I guess you could call it "intimate", music venues should not be pretentious, and they definitely should not be clean, two very important boxes are ticked here! 

Anyway, enough about the venue, which may feature in a separate series in the future, let's check out the bog. Graffiti like that takes time to build up. While I expect things to look terrible I do expect facilities to work, thankfully the toilet itself is functional but be warned, I don't think the tap has ever worked when I've gone there and while patrons may do a double-take at what looks like the tub of stale vaseline on top of the unit, it's actually an odour eater.

DBA, don't ever change.

Score on the floor...
Venue: 8
Character: 8
Functionality: 4
Hygiene: 4

No Shit Score: 24

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