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Live review: Deerhoof played Webster Hall Marlin Room

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Deerhoof brought their current tour to a close with a career-spanning party at the Marlin room on Saturday night.
I prefer the Marlin Room to the Studio downstairs (and the ballroom, naturally), it's a nice sized space with a low ceiling and good sight lines, there is some sound bleed from the other rooms, but aside from that the sound was fine. Although it does suffer from extortionate liquor prices!
I enjoyed openers, Zula , their dance-fused tunes are much more rock-oriented than their recorded output. For a time I wondered if I was just thinking of a completely different band than I was expecting. They featured an additional percussionist which rounded out the sound further.
Perfect Pussy
Perfect Pussy were up next and I was surprised to find out I hadn't seen the band since they burst onto the scene two-and-a-half years ago. I'm not entirely sure how that happened given how frequently they play. They've lost a little bit of intensity since that show at The Flat, but that might have been more down to the size of the stage (I still picture them on that 10'x10' space). The crowd seemed a little lukewarm but the band really ploughed through their 20-minute set like it was the last thing they were ever going to do.
Tonight was all about Deerhoof, though, the band are still riding high on the back of last year's La Isla Bonita, with 6 of the 10 tracks featured tonight. The rest of the set featured tracks from a range of releases, covering as much of their discography as seems humanly possible in a setlist.
There's not a great deal of interaction between songs, but their doesn't need to be. They have songs to play! The interplay between John Dieterich, Ed Rodriguez and Greg Saunier is captivating, and they need to be, otherwise you'd never stop watching Satomi Matsuzaki as she pulls off a myriad of dance moves and pogoes all over the stage. This marriage of technical brilliance and punk energy is at its best with the set closer, Exit Only.
Drummer Greg Saunier assumed the role of frontman on Oh Bummer for the encore, with Satomi on drums. Although given how impressive a drummer he is, as well as being stationed at the front of the stage, he is more of a frontman than your average dummer as it is.
The band rattled through Come See the Duck with appropriate guster, ending another chapter in the band's career. Although given the band's work ethic* it's unlikely we'll have to wait long at all before seeing them again.
SetlistI Did Crimes For You
Buck and Judy
Dummy Discards A Heart
Paradise Girls
Last Fad
Fresh Born
We Do Parties
Mirror Monster
Twin Killers
The Perfect Me
There's That Grin
The Tears and Music of Love
Bad Kids to the Front
Exit Only
Oh Bummer
Come See the Duck
*I did enjoy reading this article by guitarist Ed Rodriguez.

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