Sunday, 18 January 2015

Live Review: Jeff the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet played Death By Audio

jeff the brotherhood

Jeff the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet very nearly brought the ceiling down at Death By Audio on Sunday night with what must be one of the most potent pairings that have graced the venue.

Openers Punani Hunter (Diarrhea Planet drummer, Casey Weissbuch) sounded exactly like you'd expect given no information other than the name! He bounced around the venue backed by a blend of reggae/dub/dance. Next up was Scully, but there is nothing supernatural about their infectious garage-pop.
Before Diarrhea Planet took to the stage I wondered if they could even fit on it! Their platoon of guitar players and battalion of amplifiers would test most platforms. Few bands can work a crowd like DP, with each rock cliche a moment of ecstasy rather than the embarrassment it would be in lesser hands.
diarrhea planet
At one point, an over-eager crowdsurfer decided to grab onto the air conditioner panel in the ceiling, which immediately came off whilst still being wired; now hanging but for one person holding it aloft. What was going on in the head of the individual, to think that was ever a good idea, must be unbeknownst even to them. Or at least I'd like to give them that much credit for such an act of sheer idiocy. After some relative heroics of a member of the audience and stout effort of those hoisting him upwards, the panel was replaced without pause from the band, but that ceiling looks like it is hanging by a thread, not that it wasn't already.
jeff the brotherhood dba
I would not envy any act that had to follow Diarrhea Planet's histrionics, but Jeff the Brotherhood's presence felt like somewhat of a return home, having played the venue a few times over the years (which is documented in part on the Live at DBA 2012 flexidisc). It's testament to DBA that a band that has, in all fairness, outgrown the venue in terms of the crowd they can command, to keep wanting to play here. Everyone understandably lapped up their career-spanning set.
jeff the brotherhood dba2
For their final song, Jeff the Brotherhood summoned "The Wizard", and promptly served up an unabashed and faithful rendition of Working Man by Rush. This was particularly captivating for me considering since I was wearing my Rush debut album t-shirt, and they are arguably my favourite band of all time!
Jeff and Diarrhea Planet Rush Working Man

Sweat dripped and emotions were spent, that the show would be this spectacular was almost inevitable.
There will not be many more nights like this.

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