Saturday, 16 November 2013

Live review: Shot! CMJ Showcase at The Flat

If you had read our comprehensive CMJ guide then it wouldn't have taken too much to connect the dots and head out to this show at The Flat. No fewer than 4 of the 6 bands featured in our "Artists to Watch" series of recommendations, I hope you had a good excuse if you weren't here.

I arrived midway through Lodro's opening set, who certainly looked and sounded well at home in The Flat's gothic Victorian decor, their Cramps-esque rhythm section delivered a fine start to the evening.
I was looking forward to seeing Tweens after being impressed with the songs from their bandcamp page. Their set was much punchier than I was imagining and also included a song that was straight-up 60s bubblegum pop with doo-wop backing vocals, keep an eye on this band, folks.
Hunters have quite the packed CMJ schedule and had already played earlier in the day. I've seen them on various bills throughout the year and they get better each time, be sure to check them out at our showcase on Saturday!
Next up was my personal highlight, Sisu. I've seen the band play a couple of times before but not since they released the rather excellent, Blood Tears. It is quite noticeable how much more confident Sandra Vu now is as a frontwoman since I last saw them back in May, they were fantastic before but their performance really kicked up a gear. If I see a better set at CMJ this year I will be surprised.
Total Slacker are a band that everyone in New York should see live if they get the chance (there are usually plenty), and they cooked up another great set tonight. I always feel like there should be a red mist (not in an angry way, just temperature) engulfing the stage when they play, if lava had a sound it would be Total Slacker.
Total Slacker
Headliners Perfect Pussy absolutely blitzed through their short set as if it was the last thing they were ever going to do. It was like being in a wind tunnel and you could tell the band were excited to be playing here. Go check out their EP on our artist to watch feature, then imagine everything faster, louder and better.
Great credit to The Flat for having everything run on schedule, the bands turned over quickly and there weren't really any technical hitches along the way (which can't be said for the show I was at the previous night at Ran Tea House!). I also got a free shot to go with the first beer, what more could you ask for?

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