Saturday, 22 June 2013

No Shit! An occasional series: No.3 - Manitoba's

Manitoba's is a bar everyone in NYC needs to go to and definitely one of my favourite haunts, owned by Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators (the man himself is there fairly often), the staff are very friendly and the walls are adorned with various band pictures and posters. They could do with a better ale or two on tap but my drink of choice at the venue is usually a Killian's Red, mostly because of the Nada Surf song! 

When I needed the facilities on this particular occasion I was almost disappointed to see everything looking fairly clean, my previous memories, albeit under a considerable influence of alcohol are of dripping floors, unflushed logs and impatient knocks on the door while trying to relieve oneself. 

My favourite Manitoba's visit was this February whilst entertaining family from back home, we'd taken in a boozy brunch at cafe cortadito in the morning and I had about 8 cocktails by the time we arrived at the bar in the early afternoon. I don't actually remember drinking anything in Manitoba's but my wallet certainly tells a different story being about $100 lighter by the end of the night, members of our party napped, threw up and managed to leave possessions at the bar which were thankfully turned in and retrieved the next day. 

Manitoba's is located at 99 Avenue B, just off East 7th Street (which is probably my favourite street in the city, which I may talk about in more detail at a later date).

Score on the floor...
Venue: 9
Character: 5
Functionality: 7
Hygiene: 7 (this time!)

Total: 28

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