Monday, 18 February 2013

Föllakzoid - II: Album review

Question: A Chilean based cosmic music band releasing their album on Sacred Bones, what could possible go wrong?

Answer: Nothing!

The production on II is crystal clear and we're treated to an array of sounds attacking a repetitive drum and bass combination, With bands like Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips also on the radar, lovers of space-rock jams finally have some contemporary options without having to dig out their Neu! records for the thousandth time. While there is clear influence on the record there is something about it that seems fresh. 

It's hard to pick a standout track, but after the driving rhythms of Trees, 9 and Rio, the more atmospheric 99 does leap out with its swirling synths and wandering guitar delays. The record ends with Pulsar, a 15-minute wig-out that Porcupine Tree used to do so well in their early days (circa Up the Downstair through to Signify). 

It's easy for this kind of spacious psychedelic music to seem aimless and meandering, but II seems to have a focus, you're being taken for a ride, but the band know the best route and will not get lost while you get to enjoy the view.

Föllakzoid have a few shows lined up around the US, one of which takes them to NYC at the Mercury Lounge on the 21st of March with fellow Chileans The Holydrug Couple, which I'm certainly hoping to attend! Is there a fertile South American music scene just waiting to be unearthed? Or perhaps there is already and I am shamelessly ignorant, either way, I am looking forward to finding out.

Juan Pablo Rodrigues (vocals)
Domingo Garcia-Huidobro (guitar)
Alfredo Thiermann (piano, synthesizer)
Diego Lorca (drums).


  1. Trees
  2. 9
  3. Rio
  4. 99
  5. Pulsar


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